FPTLVFormation Professionnelle Tout au Long de la Vie (French: Vocational All Life Long)
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Fptlv training services on the theme of "preparing for retirement".
Purchase of a fptlv training program on the theme "mastering the transfusion act" for ght 83 establishments.
Purchase of a FPTLV training device on the following themes, each forming a separate batch:
180019 - Purchase of a FPTLV scheme on the theme "Training in the statutory management of job retention":
The purpose of this consultation is to purchase a FPTLV competition preparation scheme: - lot 1: preparation for the assistant competition for hospital executives (Economic, Financial and Logistics Management and General Administrative Management branch), - lot 2: - lot 3: preparation for the medical and administrative assistant examination (branch of the medical secretariat and the auxiliary medical regulatory branch - parm-), - lot 4: Title 2).
The anfh wants to make available facilities in the public hospital of fptlv to certification, qualifying and programs.
This consultation relates to the purchase of FPTLV training programs on the theme concrete cases of peer-solving approach to the management teams.
Purchase a FPTLV training program on the theme Adaptation Training for Employment (FAE) technicians and hospital technicians (TH / TSH).
This consultation is to purchase a FPTLV modular training program on the theme: Implementation of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), split into 3 lots described below - Lot 1: Develop an action plan for the implementation of the new CPS device in health care facilities,- Lot 2: DPC be referent- Lot 3: Develop a multi-year business training plan incorporating specific CPD.
Contract notice: Purchase a fptlv training program: "professionalize administrative officers in nursing homes" (5 lots).
This consultation is to purchase a FPTLV training program on the theme: professionalize administrative officers in nursing homes, broken down into 5 lots described below - Lot 1: administrative management of nursing homes and resident~s file,- Lot 2: accounting and financial management of nursing homes,- Lot 3: purchasing,- Lot 4: Human Resources and Payroll,- Lot 5: time management and communication.
Contract notice: Fptlv purchase of new training programs.