FPTPFirst Past the Post (politics; election method)
FPTPFormation Professionnelle du Taxi Parisien (French: Parisian Vocational Taxi)
FPTPFriends Peace Teams Project (San Antonio, TX)
FPTPFlorida Prepaid Tuition Plan (college)
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And many voters and analysts believe that FPTP is no longer right for the UK's green benches.
FPTP has produced parliaments that have simply not reflected how we vote.
Conversely, participants X5 and X6 stated that reform is necessary in order to give women more opportunities: "PR would encourage more women to run and win; FPTP doesn't discourage women from winning, but few get elected, which is discouraging" (X5).
New Delhi [India], Nov 24 ( ANI ): Former vice president Hamid Ansari on Saturday said electoral democracy on the FPTP (first-past-the-post) pattern is a reality but substantive democracy, as Dr BR Ambedkar visualized it, is elusive.
Kenya had stability, peace and growth during the Grand Coalition Government of 2008-2013, when a larger section of the population felt represented in the government.GENDER PARITYThe folly of FPTP can easily be seen in some constituencies in Nairobi, where a candidate would be declared the winner despite 65.4 percent of the electorate voting against them.
The main issue I have with the FPTP system is that it promotes rubbish governments.
In 2005 and 2009, the province asked its citizens if they wanted to switch from FPTP to a proportional electoral system, specifically the made-in-B.C.
In its consultation response, ERS also backed the Single Transferable Vote system of proportional representation for electing councillors, saying it is fairer than the current First Past The Post (FPTP) system.
The Nepali Parliament has 240 First Past the Post (FPTP) or direct election seats, 335 Proportional Representation seats and 26 nominated seats.
UK politics and democracy began to break down when Mr Blair failed to amend the FPTP voting system to AV in response to the emergence of significant minority parties.
The two-column ballot paper does, however, offer voters (not demand of them) an additional or supplementary choice they don't get with First Past The Post (FPTP).
All of this despite the fact that the current electoral system of first past the post (FPTP) has been pretty good for Northern Ontario.