FPUDForesthill Public Utility District (Foresthill, CA)
FPUDFallbrook Public Utility District (California)
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Last month, FPUD's board unanimously agreed to offer a three-year contract to SCADA Integrations, which is based in Carlsbad, for up to $75,000 annually.
FPUD assistant general manager Jack Bebee, said, "It's just additional support services to address facilities."
FPUD initially procured water meters with encoder receiver transmitters in 2002, which allowed to convert meter reading to a drive-by system.
In October 2014, the FPUD board awarded MCS Inspection Services a contract for as-needed coating inspection services for the Toyon Reservoir, the Two Million Gallon Reservoir, Rattlesnake Reservoir in the Olive Hill area, and the Eight Million Gallon Reservoir in DeLuz.
In January 2015, the FPUD board awarded Simpson Sandblasting a contract for the interior and exterior re-coating of Rattlesnake Reservoir.
FPUD staff reviewed the Advanced Marine Preservation (AMP) submittal and determined that the identified personnel were qualified for the work.
FPUD staff and acting district counsel Steve Lopardo recommended that the FPUD board dismiss the bid protest and noted that a similar protest for a Yuima Municipal Water District re-coating contract determined that AMP was qualified.
Although the Two Million Gallon Reservoir can be taken out of service without disrupting water provision to FPUD customers, the Toyon Reservoir is in an isolated pressure zone which has no other storage.
FPUD assistant general manager Jack Bebee said, It doesn t work well under the conditions .
FPUD tried to mitigate surges which cause pipeline breaks by installing variable frequency devices and by replacing pipeline sections closer to the lift station which operated at higher pressures and were experiencing more breaks, however breaks on the remaining force main sections have continued.
FPUD staff prepared a design package to replace the remaining force main sections, solicited bids, and gained 7 proposals ranging from J.R.
Even though FPUD had only budgeted $300,000 for the force main replacement, an added $200,000 was budgeted to replace the air/vacuum and blow-off isolation valves on the outfall and, since that project is not as critical, it can be deferred to a subsequent fiscal year so that the force main replacement can be completed within the sewer collection subtotal in FPUD s 2015-16 capital budget.