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FPUSFixed Point Utility System (aviation)
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In 2019 nuclear FPU Akademik Lomonosov is expected be towed to the sea port of Pevek.
As it is difficult to perform floating point computations with normal arithmetic units, a specially designed hardware is needed for dedicated floating point operations, which results in inducement of lots of research works in designing efficient FPUs.
To execute the CORDIC operations in the processing unit, five FPUs are used, as shown in Figure 10, where the signs of input data [2.sup.-j], arctan [2.sup.-j] at "FPU1," "FPU2," and "FPU9" are reversed depending on the condition.
To commemorate 100 years of innovation, invited guests and employees will gather outside FPUs new Centennial Research Facility for a ribbon cutting ceremony.
Significantly, the United States has exacerbated the effects of this juggernaut throughout the international community by supporting paramilitary police forces in Europe and the deployment of FPUs in international peacekeeping operations.
This volume contains all the papers presented at the June 2005 IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic as well as abstracts from the keynote talk given by William Kahan and from the panel sessions on "Pain Versus Gain in the Hardware Design of FPUs and Supercomputers on a Chip" and "A Programmer's View of Computer Arithmetic and Standardization." The 34 papers by authors from 13 countries report on the state-of-the-art techniques for computer arithmetic currently or soon to be in use, such as the Cell processor's SPU for video game systems.
The architecture contains six independent execution units, including two integer units, two floating- point units (FPUs), a non-blocking load/store unit and a branch unit.
Sun says it can't fit more than six floating point units on an Elite card; the m6 having six FPUs.
Traditional welding specifications used for the design and manufacture of FPUs (Floating Production Units) and oil rigs do not take into account the cooling effects of seawater.
The Florida Southeast Connection is the downstream pipeline project which will originate at the new Central Florida Hub and connect with FPUs system in Martin County, FL.
The total number of personnel in the Formed Police Units (FPUs) stands at 1,812, or 68% of the authorized strength of 2,660.