FPWSFaculty of Party Wall Surveyors (Rye, UK)
FPWSFederation for Palestinian Workers' Syndicates
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The dilemma with the SSWS and FPWS function tests is selecting an appropriate distance.
A target distance of 38 m was selected for reasons similar to those described previously for the 75 m SSWS and FPWS tests.
Participants were instructed to "Pretend you are getting out the way of a bus." The 6 m FPWS test puts both challenging points of gait, initiation and termination, very close to one another.
We used paired t-tests to analyze the remaining seven evaluative measures: PEQ scores, self-reported number of stumbles, self-reported number of falls, 75 m SSWS, 75 m FPWS, 38 m FPWS (uneven terrain), and 6 m FPWS.
For the walking tests, the percent difference in time required to complete the distance ranged from a 12 percent decrease (75 m FPWS) to a 21 percent decrease (38 m uneven terrain FPWS) (Tables 3 and 4).
Abbreviations: CMS = Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, FPWS = fastest possible walking speed, MFCL = Medicare Functional Classification Level, MKM = microprocessor knee mechanism, MRPP = Montreal Rehabilitation Performance Profile, NMKM = nonmicroprocessor knee mechanism, PCS = Performance Composite Score, PEQ = Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire, PT = physical therapy, SSWS = self-selected walking speed, TF = transfemoral.