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FPYFirst Pass Yield
FPYFull-Power Year
FPYFuture Planning Year
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(1) Fundacion ProYungas (FPY), Peru 1180, 4107 Yerba Buena, Tucuman, Argentina.
For a typical board with, say, 1,000 components, a whole line quality of 25 dpm gives a benchmark FPY of 97.5%.
More than anything else, the FPY determines the overall cost of placement.
FPY ve genel anlamda fotosensitivite ile noroloji pratiginde sik olarak karsilasilmasina ve taninmasina ragmen, bu fenomenin patofizyolojisi henuz aydinlatilamamistir.
Bu bilgiler esliginde FE'de GABRA1 geninde olasi mutasyonlarin ve polimorfizmlerin rolu, FPY tipi ve cinsiyet, nobet tipleri ile tedaviye alinan yanit gibi cesitli klinik ve EEG ozellikleri arasinda iliski olup olmadiginin arastirilmasi hedeflenmistir.
Figures 5-7 show the FPY and the distribution of true faults and process faults.
The FPY was 93.1%, or 6.9% true faults on 2,404 circuit boards.
For part selection purposes, picking components with low DPMO values will have a corresponding increase on the initial first-pass yield (FPY).
The primary reason for incorrect apertures is process variability during stencil manufacturing, and eliminating this variability will deliver significant improvements in FPY.
This is convenient for CHC's work with FPY, but CHC is also providing masters to several foreign hologram producers.
Each about 270 mA suspended ceiling, suspended plasterboard ceiling 60 mA, 155 mA of wall and concealed construction, 200 sqm with FPY wall covering panels, wall plaster 900 mA, 180 mA EIFS.
This paper will propose a simplification of the Wiebull Defect Density model as the basis for predicting the first-pass yield (FPY) of new HDI boards in manufacturing.