FPZFakultet Prometnih Znanosti (Croatian: Faculty of Traffic Engineering)
FPZFriendly Photo Zone
FPZFracture Process Zone
FPZEffepizeta (Italian manufacturing company)
FPZFranklin Park Zoo (Boston, MA)
FPZFisheries Protection Zone (Norway)
FPZFlood Plain Zone
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and Duan, K.: 2008, Size effect and quasi-brittle fracture: the role of FPZ. International Journal of Fracture, 154, No.
[16-18] analyzed the FPZ of three-point loaded concrete SENB specimens and considered that the essence of the fracture energy affected by specimen size is due to the boundary zone in the FPZ of the specimens.
A modeling study by Laakso and Hirata [17] confirmed that current flow entering the eyes from a nearby transcranial electrode (Fpz) was in the radial direction to the eyes.
Caption: Figure 4: (a) Softening part of stress-stain at the FPZ zone; (b) representation in FDEM by using triangular elements and joint elements.
There have also been numerous studies on predicting the influence of FPZ (Xu, Wu, Zheng, Zhao, & Liu, 2011; Wu, Rong, Zheng, & Xu, 2011; Guo, Su, & Young, 2012) and on flexural crack using different methods.
Pupil dilation Diameter of pupil Pupil diameter increased with increase in stress EEG Fpz point, Fpz point, LZ-complexity, LZ-complexity, alpha alpha relative power and relative power and the ratio of alpha power the ratio of alpha to beta power are power to beta power effective in determining K-Nearest-Neighbor stress but Naive Bayesian classifier and Naive classifier is not suitable Bayesian classifier for the stress prediction based EEG data.
The signals from Oz is applied to extract motion intentions of subjects, while the reference electrode is placed on earlobe A2 and the ground electrode is placed on Fpz. EEG signals are digitalized and processed through Labview software (National Instruments, Austin, USA), the sampling frequency of which is set up to 500 Hz, and the duration for robot to judge motion intention of subjects is set to 5 seconds.
Of potential practical value is the use of dry electrodes below the hairline, Fpz referenced to earlobe.
We used a montage with scalp electrodes placed over the Fz, Cz, and Pz positions of the 10-20 International System referring to the nasion with the ground at Fpz, and over T3 derivation, referred to the Fz position.
[12] carried out three-point bend tests with single-edge-notched beams (SENB) to measure the tension softening curves and Fracture Process Zone (FPZ) of a finegrain graphite.
The electrodes were as follows: a ground (gold disk) electrode (Roland Consult, Brandenburg, Germany) was placed on the forehead (Fpz), a thread Dawson-Trick Litzkow (DTL) electrode (Diagnosys LLC, MA, USA) was used as active, and a gold disk placed at the ipsilateral outer canthus was used as a reference.