FQAFédération Québécoise d'Athlétisme (French: Quebec Federation of Athletics; Quebec, Canada)
FQAFull Quality Assurance
FQAFastener Quality Act
FQAFédération Québécoise de l'Autisme (Canadian autism federation; Quebec, Canada)
FQAFinal Quality Assurance
FQAFrequently Questionated Acronym
FQAFrequently Questioned Answers
FQAFloristic Quality Assessment (ecological integrity)
FQAFiber Quality Analyzer
FQAFood Quality Assurance (USDA)
FQAFair Queuing Algorithm
FQAFormat Quality Assurance (various companies)
FQAFixed Quality Area
FQAFixed Quota Allocation (UK)
FQAField Quality Assurance
FQAFully Qualified Account
FQAFunctional Quality Assurance
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Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA) is a valuable assessment tool for managers of natural areas, restoration ecologists, and conservationists.
Currently the amount of fish that can be caught are decided by fixed quota allocations (FQAs) - based on historic fishing practices known as "relative stability".
"The Scottish Government urgently need to alter the way Scotland's quota is allocated so access to our publicly owned fish stocks is fairly distributed among local, lowimpact, fishers right around our coastline." The UK Government distribute fish quotas among the four UK administrations, Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland) pro-rata, via a FQA. Yesterday, the Scottish Government said they issue most allocations to fish producer organisations (POs), 10 administered by Marine Scotland.
With advent of high resolution, ultrasonography (FAST) and FQA, investigations are becoming less opted.
In our experiments, the proposed FAMC is compared with four representative methods, that is, our recent FLAE for fast Wahba's solution, Markley's closed-form solution, Yun's FQA, and Valenti's AQUA.
Floristic quality assessment.--Plant lists from both survey years were analyzed separately and combined using the Indiana database (based on Rothrock (2004)) of the Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA) software (Freyman et al.
The average fiber length, measured using a HiRes FQA, was 1.63 mm for SW and 1.36 mm for HW before pelletizing.
(21.) Augustini PK, Tescaro PC, Almeida FQA. Avaliacao do indice de resto-ingesta e sobras em unidade de alimentacao e nutricao (UAN) de uma empresa metalurgica na cidade de Piracicaba/SP.
To avoid any ambiguity, in the current study, CGA refer to any molecule which is formed from an ester-bonding between one or more cinnamic acids (p-coumaric, caffeic, and ferulic acid) and quinic acid, giving thus rise to p-coumaroylquinic acid (pCoQA), caffeoylquinic acid (CQA), and feruloylquinic acid (FQA), respectively [2, 3].