FQCCFédération Québécoise de Camping et de Caravaning (French; Québec, Canada)
FQCCFirst Quality Carpet Cleaning (Texas)
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The Avenger system is part of the 5-Step fuel stabilization and decontami-nation program offered by FQCC. The program includes identification by sampling to determine existing or potential contamination; classification and analysis of both organic and inorganic contaminants; prescription of care, such as selecting the appropriate filtration equipment to prevent inorganic contamination and prescribing the correct dosages of ILFC 1001 Fuel Treatment for organic contamination; control by installing the Avenger and using the ILFC 1001 Fuel Treatment; and finally, prevention through programming of the unit to monitor fuel condition and notify the operator of potential contamination before it can lead to engine operation failure.
According to Ron Sickels, president of FQCC, the system utilizes up-to-date programmed logic control technology.
To prevent that, Sickels said FQCC will loan any equipment operator a fuel testing kit and conduct a free fuel evaluation.