FQHFood Quality and Health
FQHFractional Quantum Hall (physics)
FQHFoundation Quarter Horse (horse breed)
FQHFrench Quality Homes
FQHFirst Quality Hygienic, Inc (Great Neck, NY)
FQHFuzed Quartz Helix
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Here full symbols refer to FQH and empty symbols to TQH.
Furthermore, in most simulations we used two extreme histories of nematic spins, namely, field quenched history (FQH) and temperature quenched history (TQH).
We used different histories of samples (FQH and TQH) and different values of the external field B.
The traditional trend of thought is found mainly in the field of jurisprudence, fqh, because jurists deal with reality, i.e., with the practical action of the individual within society.
In the FQH, the degree of insolvency risk is endogenous and large enough to affect prices.
(10) In the FQH prices are given by Equation 3, but now R has two components.
Examining the short-run implications, the actuarial model, CCH, and economic model are all observationally equivalent, and the short-run implications of the FQH are similar.
The economic model, the FQH, and the OP model all imply that surplus is a long-run determinant of prices; that is, prices should be cointegrated with surplus.