FQIFloristic Quality Index (ecological index)
FQIFiabilité et Qualité Industrielle (French: Reliability and Industrial Quality)
FQIFlight Qualification Instrumentation (US NASA)
FQIFuel Quantity Indicator
FQIFederal Quality Institute
FQIFormation Qualification Insertion (French: Insertion Training Qualification)
FQIFirst Quality Industries Ltd. (Canada)
FQIFibre Quality Index (textiles)
FQIFact, Question, Inference (educational method)
FQIFood Quality Indicator
FQIFinal Quality Inspection (Mazda Motor Corp.)
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Since MC and native species richness both increased across the successional chronosequence, FQI also increased (Figs.
In addition, to provide metrics of floristic and ecological quality comparable to other Indiana sites, a floristic quality index (FQI) and a coefficient of conservatism (C) were generated for the site.
Keywords: County records vascular plants, Madison County--flora, Mounds State Park--flora, Indiana--flora, mean C, floristic quality index, FQI
The floristic quality index (FQI) for each site was determined using the program developed by the Conservation Research Institution (Wilhelm & Masters 2000) in conjunction with Rothrock (2004).
Keywords: Henry County Indiana, fens, sedge meadows, wetland complex, county records-vascular plants, Floristic Quality Index (FQI), plant communities, flora-Indiana, Cypripedium candidum
The Floristic Quality Indices (FQI), Coefficients of Conservatism (C), and Wetland Indicator Status (W) for all species are shown in Table 1.
The floristic quality index (FQI), defined as as MC x [square root number x of x species], includes a measure of species richness in addition to their quality (Swink & Wilhelm 1994).
Keywords: Lick Creek Summit Nature Preserve, Floristic Quality Index (FQI), Point-Centered-Quarter method (PCQ), county records--vascular plants, oak-hickory forest, flora--Indiana
Keywords: Wayne County, Hayes Arboretum, Floristic Quality Index (FQI), county records--vascular plants, plant communities, beech-maple forest, floodplain woods, upland woods, successional woods, cat-tail marsh, flora--Indiana
The Floristic Quality Index (FQI) for a site is calculated by multiplying the mean C-value for all native plants at a site by the square root of the number of native species present, thereby weighting the mean C-value by species richness.
We examined relationships between mean FQI, native C-value, mean C with nonnatives (nonnatives are assigned a C-value of zero to calculate this parameter), wetness, and other site parameters (richness, evenness, and diversity).
A mean C value (Cm), and a Floristic Quality Index (FQI) were calculated for each of the three sites.