FQMFédération Québécoise des Municipalités (Canada)
FQMFirst Quantum Minerals, Ltd
FQMFédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes
FQMFood Quality Management
FQMFine Quality Mill
FQMFundamental Query and Manipulation
FQMField Quality Management
FQMFullQuiver Mission (pro-life organization)
FQMFact Qualifier Matrix (data modeling)
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The obvious limitation of FQM is that qualitative reasoning can answer qualitative queries only, not quantitative ones, and thus can serve just as a complement to the existing quantitative methods (and/or as a rigorous formalization of qualitative methods, such as case studies).
OK, refile it as PTW CHLSE V499 DIANO V164 FQM and it all works fine, but that makes one wonder about those cases where there is no fix.
The FQM three-roll Retained Mandrel Mill or RMM has pronounced advantages over other seamless pipes manufacturing technologies like improving the wall thickness tolerances, pipe surface quality and pipe outer diameter accuracy.
La FQM en reconnait dix types, mais on en denombre jusqu'a quatre-vingts (3).
However, knowing the shortage of acid on the Copperbelt, FQM had Signet Engineering design the acid plant with an annual capacity of 110,000 t (320 t/d), which was about three times the project's own requirements, allowing it to supply other customers.
will unveil its FQM II Film Quality Measuring System.
Since inception, 3,000 direct jobs have been created through FQM and a further 300 by the fourth quarter of 2017 with more to follow as residential and commercial development in the town gathers momentum.
The net result is efficient use of capex and, going forward, opex," said Anthony Mukutuma, plant manager at FQM Kevitsa Mining Oy.
This work was partially supported by Junta de Andalucla, Research Group FQM 0178, and by Ministerio de Educacion y Ciencia, Project MTM2006-14590.
In addition, FQM seeks to use environmentally preferable Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals through dilution control systems that reduce the number and quantity of chemicals required to administer effective cleaning.