FQMDForschungs Qualifizierungs Modell Dresden (German: Research Skills Model Dresden)
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Multiple linear regression was carried out aiming to estimate the influence of the variables for climate and pollution on exhaled levels of COex and COHb, generating an equation based on the variables [PM.sub.2,5] md, COmd, Tmp, URAmp, Pamp, Velmp andFQmd, for carbon monoxide (COex = 86.4-6,72PMmd-0.534COmd1.3 1Tmp-0.172URAmp + 0.067Pamp102velmp+0.421FQmd)and for carboxyhemoglobin (COHb = 11.6-1.22PMmd-0.098COmd0.236Tmp-0.0292URAmp +0.0162Pamp-0.0206 velmp+0.0770 FQmd).
The Pearson correlation analysis confirmed a positive relationship between levels of COex and COHb exhaled by the subjects, and FQtot and FQmd, respectively (p < 0.05) (Table 3).
The multiple regression model applied showed itself to be appropriate for COex ([R.sup.2] = 90.3%; p = 0.02) and for COHb ([R.sup.2] = 88.5%; p = 0.03) and analysis of the data showed that Tmp (p = 0.04);(p = 0.04), URAmp (p = 0.03); (p = 0.04), FQmd (p = 0.04); (p = 0.04) respectively, explained more than 88% of the alterations in COex gases exhaled and the levels of COHb.