FQRSFluorescence-Quenching-Resolved Spectroscopy
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From (11), we get the lower fiduciary edge of FQRS to be of 27 Hz which will remove all the low frequency noise including baseline wander frequencies and upper fiduciary edge of 48 Hz which will remove the 50 Hz and its PLI harmonics along with the high frequency noise [27].
The following FQRS band-pass fiduciary edge cutoff frequencies (rad/sec) were substituted as per Figure 1: [[omega].sub.s1] = 70[pi], [[omega].sub.p1] = 72[pi], [[omega].sub.p2] = 96[pi], and [[omega].sub.s2] = 98[pi].
Fragmented QRS (fQRS) complexes are special electrocardiographic signals, which reflect altered ventricular conduction around regions of myocardial scaring.
The ECG and supplemental criteria for fQRS complexes were those previously defined by Das.[sup][6] The resting 12-lead ECG filter range: 0.15–100 Hz; AC filter, 60 Hz, 25 mm/s, and 10 mm/mV.
Additionally, fQRS may represent altered ventricular depolarization, caused by heterogeneous activation of ischemic ventricles.
To our knowledge, there is not any report investigating risk of new-onset POAF after CABG surgery in patients with fQRS.
Duration of total filtered QRS complex (fQRS) greater than 114 ms
Root mean square voltage of last 40 ms of fQRS (RMS 40) less than 20 v.
The fQRS was defined as the presence of an additional R wave or notching of R or S wave or the presence of fragmentation in two contiguous ECG leads corresponding to a major coronary artery territory.
Five (19%) of the patients who have grade 3 CCC, seven (47%) of the patients who had grade 2 CCC, ten (67%) of the patients who had grade 1 CCC had fQRS (p=0.002).
The cut off value for fQRS complex was 114 milliseconds, for LAS 40, 38 milliseconds and for RMS 40, 20 mv.
fQRS greater than 114 ms, LAS 40 greater than 38 ms and RMS 40 less than 20mv indicated presence of ventricular late potentials.