FQSFédération des Québécois de Souche (French: Quebec Family Federation; Quebec, Canada)
FQSForensic Quality Services (Clearwater, FL)
FQSFirst Quarter Storm (Phillipine period of intensified activism in early 1970)
FQSfixed-quantity system
FQSFront Quadrant Swimming
FQSFlight Qualified System
FQSFare Quote Server (flight fare database)
FQSFuel Quantity Solenoid (Automotive industry)
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Though 16 years apart, FQS was a milestone intimately linked to the events of Feb.
This analysis compares the mean FQS score and the score of each of the five factors for the two concordant groups combined with that of the two discordant groups combined.
Broderick brings more than three decades of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry to his new roles at FQS and Fountain Quail, a global leader in wastewater recycling.
We fully anticipate that FQS will grow rapidly over the coming months and years.
FQS [Internet] 2004 Septiembre [acceso el 12 de julio de 2007];5(3).
The book launch is organized by the Philippine PEN Writers in Prison Committee with the Task Force Free the Artists, Samahan ng mga Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto, Concerned Artists of the Philippines, UP Sentro ng Wikang Filipino-Diliman, FQS Movement, KM 64, at Karapatan.
Some hardline FQS firebrands thought we were too loud but with not much substance, too soft.
The FQS will always be a memorial to the struggles that must continue to be fought to bring about a more decent, more just, and a more respectable society.