FQTFormal Qualification Testing
FQTFédération Québécoise de Tir (French: Quebec Federation of Shooting; Quebec, Canada)
FQTFinal Qualification Test
FQTFunctional Qualification Test
FQTFixed-Queries Tree
FQTFormal Qualification Training
FQTflow quantity totalizer
FQTFully Qualified Training
FQTFormal Qualification Test/Testing
FQTFuzed Quartz Tubing
FQTFirst Quality Tissue LLC (Great Neck, NY)
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Prior to FQT execution, the supplier should establish test readiness criteria and document the "as-built" software.
In addition to providing SRW planning and management for JTRS radios under development on government contracts, such as the Ground Mobile Radios (GMR) and Handheld/Manpack/Small Form Fit (HMS) programs, the SRWNM development and FQT included robust planning and management capabilities for the Harris Corp.
Upon completion of the FQT, the government took control of the software and then conducted an independent government assessment of the software's planning and management functionality, also in February 2005, to determine if it was mature enough to request an extension to the previously approved low rate initial production and also continue into a limited user test in July 2005.