FR1Feature Release 1
FR1Framework Region 1 (antibodies)
FR1Frost Resistance 1
FR1Fixed Ration 1 Schedule
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Foams containing TDCP, FR1 and FR2 only show a minor effect, whereas OFR3 and RFR5 have a higher impact on discoloration.
Foams without FR or with TDCP, OFR3 or FR1 have an increase in tensile strength whereas foams with FR2 and OFR4 show a slight decrease in tensile strength.
On the other hand, foams with TDCP or FR1 only achieved a lower classification after aging.
The least-useful primers were those for IGH FR1, which showed positive results in only 2 out of the 10 specimens (20%), but in neither of those 2 specimens were they the only positive results.
Interestingly, the combinations for IGK VJ and IGK VKde were more effective than were the primers for IGH FR1 or IGH FR3.
Within a session, successful completion of 13 reinforcers in each component on a given tandem FR1 VI schedule was followed by a 2-min blackout period during which the lights were turned off and the brake was engaged.
A given animal was presented with the same sequence of tandem FR1 VI schedules across all sessions; however, the sequences of VI schedule components were counterbalanced across rats.