FR3France Régions 3 (TV channel)
FR3Framework Region 3 (antibodies)
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Overall, I came away from Jerez feeling very comfortable and confident that the step-up from F3 to FR3.
Tata Power has been the first Indian power company to energise a 1MVA Transformer with FR3 fluid.
In one case (10%), positivity with 1 of those 2 primer sets was the only molecular evidence of biclonality; 2 clonal populations were identified with IGH FR1 and IGH FR3 primer sets in 4 cases (40%; 2 [20%] with IGH FR1 and 2 [20%] with IGH FR3), and 2 of these cases (the ones with biclonal results for IGH FR1) also demonstrated biclonal populations with the IGH FR2 primer set.
Cargill, an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services, has acquired the global Envirotemp FR3 fluid business and brand from Cooper Power Systems, a subsidiary of Cooper Industries plc (NYSE: CBE).
The HeartStart FR3 significantly reduces deployment time by eliminating steps to help responders start delivery of the right therapy -- CPR or defibrillation -- on the patient faster.
En Brasil, el encargado de fabricar aceite vegetal FR3 es la multinacional Cargill Industrias Oil, que produce aceite de semilla.
placa}) FR3 context FR3::OutputRequirement():Set(TupleType(marca: String)) body: MODELO.
The Qiec of imperfection areas were about 5 / 290 pC in DIALA and 10 / 320 pC in FR3.
Observa-se na tabela 4, que o genero masculino na fisioterapia respiratoria do protocolo sugerido ao paciente para fazer com familiar FR1 predominou 50% de 3 a 5 vezes, no FR2 50% de 0 a 2 vezes, FR3 83,3% de 1 a 2 vezes, FR4 91,6% de 0 a 2 vezes e FR5 91,6% de 0 a 2 vezes.
She has taught at Strasbourg University and currently presents a cultural programme on the television station FR3.
At that point, however, FR3 came to the writer with an offer to create a 90-minute TV film as part of a series entitled V comme Vengeance.
In tests that Cooper Power Systems conducted on its Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid, which were presented at the 2001 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/Power Engineering Society Transmission and Distribution Conference, kraft paper (like the paper used in transformer insulators) took 5-8 times longer with Envirotemp than with conventional oil to deteriorate to the point at which it no longer served as an effective insulator.