FR3France Régions 3 (TV channel)
FR3Framework Region 3 (antibodies)
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However, body weight, overall weight gain and times of gain were significantly higher (Pa$?0.05) in the birds kept under FR3. As far as FCR and mortality% are concerned, non-significant differences (P>0.05) were observed in various FR strategies.
The Average Slump Value of Each Specimen Category (unit: cm) Norm 12 Fr1 15 Fr2 12.75 Fr3 13 Lt1 14 Lt2 15 Lt3 12.75 Il1 15 Il2 12.8 Il3 13 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Results of Polymerase Chain Reaction-Based Clonality Studies Performed on the Subset of Cases Fragment Size, bp Patient IGH FR1 IGH FR2 IGH FR3 No.
Caption: Figure 12: Velocity distribution (y direction) in the fracture Fr3 (unit: m/s) under different shear displacement: (a) 1.0 mm, (b) 2.0 mm, and (c) 3.0 mm.
Degradation Stress type Detectable change Name Percentage Basic hydrolysis 26% florfenicol Fr1 23.0% assay loss Degradation Fr2 4.5% Acid hydrolysis 10.5% florfenicol Fr3 11.0% assay loss Degradation Oxidative/ 61% flunixin Fx1 14.5% solution assay loss Degradation Thermal 7.5% florfenicol Fr4 8.0% assay loss Degradation Photodegradation No change Table 4: Regression analysis of florfenicol and flunixin.
Molecular studies for IGH gene rearrangement performed on the DNA extracted from the small bowel tumor revealed a 163.85-base pair (bp) peak and a 243.99 bp peak in framework 2 (FR2) as well as a 78 bp peak in framework 3 (FR3) (Figure 4) confirming a clonal process.
Today, following further testing, Renault Sport and Michelin have concluded that the replacement of the 13-inch tires that currently equip the WSR's FR2.0 and FR3.5 cars by 17- and 18-inch tires respectively is a first class solution to make driving even more enjoyable for competitors, including enhanced performance during transient phases.
"I got plenty of track time in FR3.5, which helped me to gain a really good understanding of the car and I learned a lot.
Standardized velocities were based on the length of the intact limb (measured from the greater trochanter to the floor) and were equal to Froude (FR) numbers of 0.06 (FR1), 0.10 (FR2), 0.16 (FR3), 0.23 (FR4), and 0.31 (FR5) using the following Equation [27]:
However, in four other rats, the thermistor was inserted into dorsal regions of the right frontal cortex (i.e., from 2 to 3 mm under the skull), including the primary motor cortex (M1), the frontal area 3 (Fr3), and the primary somatosensory cortex (SIJ).
All of TataPower's new Package Substations will be filled with Cargill's FR3 fluid, the leading natural ester-based dielectric fluid that is currently installed in over 600,000 transformers on six continents.