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Ultimately, research using the ACF and FRAB is limited; there is no validation of either instrument by researchers who are not aligned with the development team.
One final conceptual problem with the ACF and FRAB is that both may appear reductionistic.
It also describes an aggressive behavior recording form, the FRAB, which can be used by nursing staff to monitor and record the functions of aggression.
Email Table 1: Frequency of aggressive behaviours in which each function was recorded by staff on the FRAB and the number of occasions when each function was recorded on the ACF Implications, limitations and opportunities for future research Purpose FRAB ACF Demand avoidance 13 14 To force compliance 5 5 To express anger 32 32 To reduce tension (catharsis) 21 19 To enhance status or social approval 13 19 Compliance with instruction 1 1 To obtain tangibles 4 8 Social distance reduction (attention seeking) 3 5 To observe suffering 1 7
The FRAB looks forward to seeing the results of this process as the accounts are published.
The report also acknowledges that in this calendar year the FRAB itself has been subject to a formal review.
These changes will ensure that the FRAB can continue to deliver effectively in its role as an independent advisory body, and in accordance with its remit.
The report also highlights that during this reporting year, the FRAB welcomed the opportunity to review the first set of audited Whole of Government Accounts (WGA), for 2009-10.
The FRAB also hopes to see production of WGA on a progressively more timely basis over the next few years, which will also increase its usefulness considerably.
Several factors can be identified as major thrust-provider for the global FRABS market.
Several competitors in the global FRABS market are playing interesting roles to increase their own profitability and better the chances for prospects for the global market.
Product and application are segments that have been mentioned in the report on global FRABS market.