FRACAFailure Reporting And Corrective Action
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Fracas was bad for busi ness, he affirmed; but, in truth, this specimen of portly, middle-aged manhood was of a timid dis position.
Fanny read to herself that "it was with infinite concern the newspaper had to announce to the world a matrimonial fracas in the family of Mr.
A loud and violent fracas took place between the infantry Colonel and his lady, who were dining at the Cafe de Paris, and Colonel and Mrs.
At all events, at my hotel in Paris I received far more attention from the company after I had told them about the fracas with the sacristan.
A slight fracas between two young gentlemen occurring last night within a hundred miles of these peaceful walls (Miss Ferdinand, being apparently incorrigible, will have the kindness to write out this evening, in the original language, the first four fables of our vivacious neighbour, Monsieur La Fontaine) had been very grossly exaggerated by Rumour's voice.
No one was excited even when a fracas on the steps of a leading hotel in Piccadilly, in which he tried to horse-whip a prominent German musician upon some personal account, delayed his promised ascent.
She added the new witness was credible and told of a drugfuelled party and a fracas after Jonathan told Barrymore that Stuart was not gay.
She added the witness was credible and told of a drug-fuelled party and a fracas after Mr Kenney told Barrymore that Mr Lubbock was straight.
Det Insp Mark Truelove of Huddersfield CID said: "Officers attended the Bretton Park Way area to reports of a fracas involving approximately 10 Asian males.
We also know that the fracas was witnessed by BBC and hotel staff, as well as guests at the hotel.
The Great Sand Fracas Of Ames Country" is the latest and perhaps the best in an already outstanding roster of five previous works of homespun fiction.
Other MPs were also believed to have been innocently caught up in the fracas - including Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson who yesterday told The Journal that he had been going about his normal constituency work yesterday.