FRACTAFML, RC, APR, CBP, TWM, and ACE (algorithm)
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The Fracta application predicts, visualises and assesses the Likelihood of Failure, Consequence of Failure, and Business Risk Exposure of aging water distribution mains.
Under the terms of the investment, Kurita will acquire the majority of the shares of Fracta Inc via the acquisition of issued shares and the subscription for new shares.
Caption: Figure 2: Lattice MSRR hardware models: (a) metamorphic, (b) Fracta, (c) molecule, (d) 3D unit, (e) I-cubes, and (f) Microunit 1.
Movement of Fracta [21] units is determined by fitness, diffusion, and activation.
Alongside of Collin Gifford Brooke's landmark book Lingua Fracta: Towards a Rhetoric of New Media and Jenny Edbauer's "Unframing Models of Public Distribution: From Rhetorical Situation to Rhetorical Ecology," Cooper's article is one of the most informative and interesting recent contributions to ecological thinking in writing studies, as is M.
(44) Vibidius dum | quaerit de pueris num sit quoque fracta
(53) Quintilian, Inst Ora 1.10.31: 'quae nunc in scaenis effeminata et inpudicis modis fracta non ex parte minima si quid in nobis virilis roboris manebat excidit'.
And that's just considering invasive or minimally-invasive products and the instruments necessary to perform the procedures, or as Mark Saalmuller, CMTSE, sales and marketing manager for Tornos Technologies, describes their purpose: ossia fracta reficere, trans.