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A fractal pattern is a model repeated that shows the same configuration throughout the structure, on different scales.
Besides pore structure analysis, fractal theory has also been used to predict porous media permeability [23, 24].
The Expressions of AE Parameters Based on Damage Effect and Fractal Characteristics.
This paper gives commitment about multiband fractal tree-shaped MSA with increment in size, minimal effort, and omnidirectional radiation pattern with less side lobe level.
A detailed analysis of thermofractals and their properties allows one to show that the density in (1) can be written in terms of F and E for a fractal at an arbitrary level n as
For example, Ganti and Bushan [7] doubted the scale-independence of fractal parameters, especially D and G, when they concentrated on the fractal model.
Shannon's entropy was used to measure the urban sprawl, and fractal analysis was used to identify the sprawl characteristics.
Fractal Analytics is a strategic analytics partner, bringing analytic and AI to the decision-making process.
Therefore, the equation proposed here, which describes the modified two-dimensional bandlimited fractal Weierstrass function for modeling 3D rough fractal surfaces is given by
On the basis of Biot-Allard model and the proposed static flow resistivity formula, a fractal acoustic model was presented to investigate the acoustic performance of the PFMM.
From a 2016 summer school in San Luis Obispo, California, 10 papers showcase various recent results from the nexus of dynamical systems, fractal geometry, number theory, and quasi-crystals.