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FRADFull Rear Axle Deceleration
FRADFrame Relay Assembler Disassembler
FRADFrame Relay Access Device
FRADFormateur Relais Anti-Drogue (French: Anti-Drug Relay Trainer)
FRADFrame Relay Assembler/Disassembler
FRADFunctional Requirements for Authority Data
FRADFront Républicain pour l'Alternance Démocratique (Guinea, grouping of opposition parties)
FRADFuel Refabrication and Development
FRADFellow of the Royal Academy of Dancing
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Frame Relay Segmentation: Since queuing and transmission latency in both FRADs and switches are directly dependent on frame size, mixing frames of widely varying sizes will provide variable latency (jitter) for voice transmissions.
To minimize the 'clipping' effect caused by frame loss, some of the more advanced VoFR FRADs employ a lost speech interpolation technique that blends speech samples that precede and follow the lost frame(s) to mask the lost speech elements.
Bridges, routers, and FRADs efficiently handle traffic that is not sensitive to delay, such as interactive data, but they are not the best solution for delay-sensitive applications like voice and video.
Alternatively, the carrier will install FRADs on the customer premises to consolidate legacy SNA and LAN-to-LAN traffic onto the frame relay network.
With frame relay, polling still occurs, but it is handled by on-premises FRADs, which fool the local devices into thinking they are being polled by a remote host.