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FRADFrame Relay Access Device
FRADFrame Relay Assembler/Disassembler
FRADFunctional Requirements for Authority Data
FRADFront Républicain pour l'Alternance Démocratique (Guinea, grouping of opposition parties)
FRADFuel Refabrication and Development
FRADFellow of the Royal Academy of Dancing
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Global Managed FRAD builds on the success of Global Frame Relay, the flagship Global One data solution available in 59 countries worldwide.
Quality of Service: To converge voice and data traffic onto a single frame relay trunk, voice-capable FRADs must employ complex QoS features that rival those of asynchronous transfer mode.
The Dell'Oro Group ranked Nortel Networks the number one FRAD vendor
The M-FRAD, specifically designed to support routing, legacy data and voice requirements, differs from previous FRADs in four crucial aspects:
Managed FRAD Service allows businesses to connect host and branch locations on U S WEST's highly-reliable Frame Relay network.
The addition of FRAD and routing services to the IX family, coupled with the products' previously announced frame relay PVC and SVC switching capabilities, offers carriers a single-platform solution that addresses their port shortage and back haul problems and allows them to augment their existing network to provide value-added data services.
VoiceRelay is available for Vanguard 100s or Vanguard 300s from Motorola, the worldwide FRAD market leader in 1995, according to International Data Corporation, the Yankee Group, the Dell'Oro Group and the Vertical Systems Group.
The new products include the FRAD 630(TM), a low-cost device for small remote offices providing basic IP and IPX routing and advanced SNA over Frame Relay features, as well as Backbone Node (BN(R)) routers with high-density SDLC aggregation onto Frame Relay.
Under this agreement, Ameritech will market Sync's award- winning FrameNode family of internetworking FRADs to its IBM-based customers that are planning to migrate their SNA wide-area networks (WANs) to frame relay.
Multiservice WAN Internetworking Products: This includes Sync's current FrameNode FRAD product family and the recently announced InterXchange 7500 central office FRAD platform which is planned for introduction later this year.
Some of the company's newest products include a family of Frame Relay access devices, including the AsyncFramer, which is an eight-port FRAD and Asynchronous Statistical Multiplexer in one common package.
2 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorola's Vanguard(TM) 300 LAN FRAD Series, one of the most cost-effective solutions for linking Ethernet, Token Ring and/or SNA networks to frame relay services, today received INTERNETWORK magazine's 1995 Standard Achievement Award as Best Frame Relay Access Device.