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FRAEFondation de Recherche pour l'Aéronautique et l'Espace (French: Aviation and Space Research Foundation)
FRAEFairness, Race Awareness and Equality Fife (Scotland, UK)
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The fact is, dear Woman Frae the Cooncil, the Weeds Act (1959) has rarely, if ever, been used to force householders to tidy up their scruffy gardens; rather, it relates to farmland, public spaces and railway embankments.
13) Most of this was unpublished, circulating locally only orally and in manuscript, until the publication of A Balmy Breeze frae Alford: A Collection of Poems by A.
frae the Fire the BONNETS draw: Then came to Jouk, and wi' twa
The activities will include a 'Create Your Own Postcard' pop-up and a frozen yoghurt stand from Frae in selected stores.
Increasing FRAE intensity throughout a pressure cycle means more and more damage has occurred.
Then Andrew home frae Edinburgh came, with meikle grief and sorrow; My love is dead for me to day, I'll die for her the morrow.
The Puddocks, "A verse play in Scots frae the auld Greek o Aristophanes," was self-published in December 1957.
Tis luscious wi' the stalen tang o' fruits frae ower the sea, An' e'en its fragrance gars we laugh wi' langin' lip an' ee, Till a' its frazen sheen o' white maun melten hinnie be- Sae well I luve the kickshaw that Mither sent tae me.
Weel today I hae taught ye a valuable lesson and that is ye will find oot and discover mair frae gaun inside the rubric o the thing, than ye will by lookin' at a front dimension .
The consequences of this breakdown and the disparities in perception are noted by Burns in the next two lines of his stanza: "It wad frae monie a blunder free us, / An' foolish notion .
We twa hae paidl'd in the burn frae morning sun till dine,