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FRAGFragmentation Grenade
FRAGFragmentation Code (US DoD)
FRAGFédération des Radioamateurs de la Gironde (French amateur radio federation)
FRAGFlash Red and Green (Xbox game)
FRAGFlorida Resident Assistance Grant
FRAGFlaps, Radio, Air-Conditioning, and Gear (aviation slang)
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MS m/ z (% ): the bas e peak appeared at 85 (100), (+O=C-CH2CH2CH2CH3) due to CO es ter cleavage, los s of CO fro m this frag ment peak appeared at 57 (35), and by fu rther los s of CH2 frag ment at m/ z =43(47), frag ment at m/z = 207 (21), was due to thelos s of C11H13O2N , by los s of CH2CH2 CH2 CH2CH3 radical fro m this frag ment gave peak at m/ z=150 (5), then the los s of CO gave cation at m/z= 122 (50), further los s of NO fro m this gave frag ment at m/ z=93 (58); IR ?
The Bodleian catalogue appears to assume that quires were made up of three bifolia, since frag.
Ejemplo de comunidad gamer en Mexico: Digital Frags (http://digitalfrags.
FRAG sheds light on the struggles cyber-athletes face while breaking into professional video gaming and maintaining success.
Not that Shadowrun won't be huge amounts of fun in the hands of some Xbox Live-subscribing frag dealer.
If you want to join the gang, there was good feedback from readers whose favourites are the frag rant lavender blue Chatsworth, the award winning White Supreme and Pansy Lavender Flush, a shorter variety best suited for containers.
El otro lugar donde se utilizan verbos que refieren a procesos cognitivos visuales es el frag.
Both draft-dodgers and grunts could identify with Yossarian--although some SDS militants found him insufficiently correct for failing to frag his superior officers.
There's no pre-installed Windows on this, but if you get past that hurdle, it will help you frag all your enemies quite well, if you don't expect to game at absolute max settings.
My unit has some up-armored HMMWVs with the B-kit and others with the Frag 5 Kit.
The projectile struck at the very edge of the plate, zapped the edge, and the secondary frag sprayed the building behind the trap.