FRALAFédération des Radios Associatives Limousin Auvergne (French federation of radio associations)
FRALAFour Rivers Alsa Library Association (Evansville, IN)
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MUMMY'S BOY With Mbeli and, below, little brother Frala is cradled by his mother
Frala, 17, produced the 4lb offspring in a zoo after mating with a huge 400lb silverback called Kibadu.
Frala, a western lowland gorilla, was switched from Holland to Sydney's Taronga Zoo a year ago to boost its breeding programme.
Keepers at Sydney's Taronga Zoo only discovered yesterday he was a boy - it was the first time proud mum Frala had let them close enough to establish the baby's sex.
(Another Srygley associate, Gary Frala, fills a second seat on the five-member board.
Huckabee selected to represent the "public at large"--Gary Frala of Fayetteville, although Klein was coy enough to omit his name--is treasurer and controller of a payday lender.
Dennis Frala has been hired as assistant vice president of Superior Federal Bank in Fort Smith.