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FRAMFrederic Remington Art Museum (Ogdensburg, NY)
FRAMFerroelectric Random-Access Memory
FRAMFramingham Earl High School (UK)
FRAMFerromagnetic Ram
FRAMFerroelectric Ram
FRAMFonds Régional d'Acquisition des Musées (French: Regional Fund for Museum Acquisition)
FRAMFunctions, Responsibilities, and Authorities Manual
FRAMFine Resolution Antarctic Model
FRAMFellow of the Royal Academy of Music
FRAMFlight Releasable Attachment Mechanism (NASA)
FRAMFederal Reserve Administrative Manual
FRAMFleet Resources Accounting Module
FRAMFleet Rehabilitation & Modernization (Program)
FRAMFixed energy Reponse function Analysis with Multiple Efficiency
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Thus talking hand in hand alone they pass'd On to thir blissful Bower; it was a place Chos'n by the sovran Planter, when he fram'd All things to mans delightful use; the roofe Of thickest covert was inwoven shade Laurel and Mirtle, and what higher grew Of firm and fragrant leaf; on either side ACANTHUS, and each odorous bushie shrub Fenc'd up the verdant wall; each beauteous flour, IRIS all hues, Roses, and Gessamin Rear'd high thir flourisht heads between, and wrought Mosaic; underfoot the Violet, Crocus, and Hyacinth with rich inlay Broiderd the ground, more colour'd then with stone Of costliest Emblem: other Creature here Beast, Bird, Insect, or Worm durst enter none; Such was thir awe of man.
The report found that non-swimmer Mr Matheson most likely struck his head as he "slipped or stumbled" and fell into the water at Loch Torridon while manoeuvring alongside the moored fishing boat Fram of Shieldaig.
Adam Serfontein, managing director of The Hanro Group said: "The construction of The Fram Well sends a positive message that Durham is developing the capacity to welcome quality businesses, which want high specification offices that place productivity and the wellbeing of their workforce as priorities."
FRAM, with instant non-volatile writes and low power operation, enables developers to maximize power efficiency for these applications.
11 June 2018 - California, US-based public accounting firm Gumbiner Savett Inc has joined with Los Angeles CPA and business management firm Katz Fram and Co., the firm said.
Loved filming this in Fram All these kids are actually from my high school!
Fram and Chenier's deaths prompted the Ministry of Labour's review of mining health and safety practices, thanks in part to a strong push from the United Steelworkers and the Mining Inquiry Needs Everyone's Support (MINES) group, which included Fram's mother Wendy Fram and sister Briana Fram as members.
This is where the use of FRAM is critical - because FRAM writes extremely quickly and requires 100x less energy per bit than NVRAM, the chip can power up, write data, lose power, and continue again when power is again available.
But Fram survived the night and was found the next morning by a volunteer from Essex-based A Better Life Dog Rescue.
In early August of 1977,1 walked along the shore of Fram Havn, a small, protected bay on the west shore of Rice Strait, where in the fall of 1998, Otto Sverdrup brought the sturdy vessel Fram into the first of four wintering sites on Ellesmere Island.