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FRAMFrederic Remington Art Museum (Ogdensburg, NY)
FRAMFerroelectric Random-Access Memory
FRAMFerroelectric Ram
FRAMFerromagnetic Ram
FRAMFonds Régional d'Acquisition des Musées (French: Regional Fund for Museum Acquisition)
FRAMFunctions, Responsibilities, and Authorities Manual
FRAMFine Resolution Antarctic Model
FRAMFellow of the Royal Academy of Music
FRAMFlight Releasable Attachment Mechanism (NASA)
FRAMFederal Reserve Administrative Manual
FRAMFleet Resources Accounting Module
FRAMFleet Rehabilitation & Modernization (Program)
FRAMFixed energy Reponse function Analysis with Multiple Efficiency
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But Fram survived the night and was found the next morning by a volunteer from Essex-based A Better Life Dog Rescue.
Client has concluded a contract for the provision of services of school transport school children from primary school and Primary School Fram Race through the next four school years from 1.
In early August of 1977,1 walked along the shore of Fram Havn, a small, protected bay on the west shore of Rice Strait, where in the fall of 1998, Otto Sverdrup brought the sturdy vessel Fram into the first of four wintering sites on Ellesmere Island.
The company said that its new CISO FRAM card operates at 13.
The Promotional Calendar for retailers clearly communicates the events throughout the year - ensuring retailers that FRAM is supporting their brand with product-moving promotions.
FRAM, on the scene in Tunisia since 1972, employs some 1,000 Tunisians.
The new MB85RSxxx SPI FRAM family includes three different devices: the 256-Kbit MB85RS256A, the 128-Kbit MB85RS128A and the 64-Kbit MB85RS64A.
6 June 2011 - Norwegian company Fram Exploration ASA targets to raise at least NOK106m in its initial public offering (IPO) ahead of listing on the Oslo Axess marketplace of the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE).
Active power reduced by up to 50 percent when executing code from FRAM.
A defensive error five minutes later put Fram level.
FRAM is ideal for such applications, as compared to E2PROM[4] it can endure a high number of write cycles, and has low power consumption as well as high-speed data writing.
As a major enhancement to Ramtron's existing parallel FRAM product line, the FM20L08 provides fully compatible SRAM timing with address transition detection (ATD), which allows users to change addresses while leaving the chip enable active.