FRAMIFragmin in Acute Myocardial Infarction
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The Itemised evaluation stage was included in all the cases, but only Kaivomestari, Pyynikki and Frami had evaluation criteria related to Diversity features, and Kaivomestari also provided features related to Customer selection.
for customers who want to use Frami Xlife but may have budget constraints.
Alicia Framis (Mataro, Barcelona, 1967) es una artista experimental que, aunque afincada en Amsterdam, mantiene estrechas relaciones con su Barcelona natal.
Frami D, Science Street 2, FI-60320 SeinEnjoki.Into SeinEnjoki Ltd invites you to the restaurant and the food and the food chain of other actors, experiences designers, product and service developers, researchers and experts to hear and discuss how food chain for new products and services in the trial as a platform for the future restaurants to operate, as well as what the future might be the restaurant offers to its customers an experience.Into SeinEnjoki Oy is preparing the acquisition of the Fram restaurant activities related.
Heart-pieces are the wash- booth - running on a water recycling system - where steel components and the framed formwork panels are professionally cleaned by utilizing a 7250 psi spray-gun, prop maintenance and repair machines and tables for easy and professional change of plywood of the framed formwork panels FRAMI and FRAMAX.
Contract notice: Cleaning services frami applied sciences / 117/2014.
SeinEnjoki University of Applied Sciences Ltd acquires cleaning services to Frami; A, E and F buildings, addresses Kampusranta Kampusranta 9 and 11, SeinEnjoki.
Contract award: restaurant organization frami f and campus hall.
Contract notice: Restaurant organization, frami f and campus house restaurant facilities.
Agency : KiinteistE[micro]osakeyhtiE[micro] Frami E
In the main Galleries section, Madrid's Galena Juana de Aizpuru presents an array of dresses designed by Alicia Framis, each one asking in 15 different languages 'Is My Body Public?' (6,000 [euro] each or 45,000 [euro] for the collection).
Gimenez-Salinas Framis, Susaj y Requena Espada (2009: 22) tras analizar la dimension laboral de la trata de personas en Espana (fin a.), pusieron en evidencia las dimensiones del problema de la trata por motivos laborales en Espana.