FRAMPFleet Readiness Aviation Maintenance Personnel
FRAMPFleet Replacement Aviation Maintenance Program (US Navy)
FRAMPFleet Replacement Aviation Maintenance Personnel
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FRAMP is part of Cardnos ongoing and long-term commitment to working in Liberia.
He had come to us after a rather brief tour as a FRAMP (fleet replacement aviation maintenance program) instructor, and I guess I should have taken the time to ask a few questions, but I didn't.
COOL DISPLAY: Firefighters (from left) Steven Croome, Stephen Manning, Clive Greathead and Neville Framp water their blooms.
Contract Awarded for Usaid/liberia rfp- feeder roads alternative and maintenance program (framp)
A thoroughly likeable young man, 'Framps' could motivate and encourage the entire battalion with his cheekiness and smile.