FRANCIEFramework Assessing Notorious Contributing Influences for Error (NASA)
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Aaron Thompson is our top goalscorer ahead of Francie, and then we have Robbie Gallagher on the wing who is absolutely on fire too.
Yes, it's Francie and Josie all right - one of Scotland's most popular comedy duos of the 1960s.
Doherty wants to make his seven-year-old son Francie as tough as his grandfather, saying: "You're born with it .
Francie said: "Finding a way to help teenagers understand, in real terms, the consequences of experimenting with fire and home-made 'bombs' is a challenge.
Friends of father-of-three Clarkson now say it is unclear how much more pressure the colourful presenter's 18-year marriage to Francie, 50, can withstand.
Yesterday a source close to the BBC presenter confirmed: "It is highly unlikely that Jeremy and Francie will live together again.
A1 grade at Swindon, Ballymac Francie has won five from six for Dartnall, and has five open wins on his card.
Everything seems to be going along perfectly for Francie until a new girl shows up at school.
The main character, Francie Martinez, is a top competitor.
Then I pulled into Francie Nutter's driveway in Norton, Ohio.