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FRANDFair Reasonable and Non Discriminatory (intellectual property licensing)
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The global license agreement between Ericsson and Apple for mobile technology has expired and Apple has declined to take a new license on offered FRAND terms.
When a VSEP holder breaches the duty of good faith, generally the solution is the denial of the breacher's request for an injunction against patent infringement and the compulsory application of FRAND terms.
relevance in the technology diffusion and FRAND discussions.
Such conduct can arise, for example, from a patent holder's failure to disclose its patent rights to technology users or SSOs, with the aim of masking its ability to wield patent rights against practicing entities ex post, or its abrogation of commitments (such as FRAND or RAND commitments) made regarding the magnitude of the royalties it would require after users had become locked in to its patented technology.
The court told Micromax to work out what is known as a Fair, Reasonable and NonDiscriminatory, or FRAND, licence agreement with Ericsson.
In January, the European Commission launcheda formal investigationof Samsung's patent licensing practices, to examine whether those lawsuits conflict with Samsung's earlier promise to license such patents on FRAND terms, and whether it has distorted competition in the market for mobile communications devices.
Ericsson has tried long and hard to amicably come to an agreement with Samsung and sign a license agreement on FRAND terms.
We look forward to offering these essential patents on FRAND terms and to continuing our work within the wireless industry.
Ed has substantial experience in legal and regulatory issues involving standards essential patents, including trying cases involving SEP and FRAND issues as both plaintiff and defendant.
The parties have also agreed to discuss FRAND policies and enter a