FRAPAFormat Recognition and Protection Association (Germany)
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Registration with an organisation like FRAPA will also help to establish some key elements of any court action which may later be taken against infringers.
21) FRAPA, Bible Generator Designed to Boost Transfer of Expertise, 10 November, 2012; http://www.
The session will be moderated by Broadband TV News editor Julian Clover, and speakers will include Antony Root, EVP of Original Programming and Production for HBO Europe and Patty Geneste, chair of FRAPA.
Another new feature on FRAPA's revamped website is a format contract generator, which is also available free to FRAPA members.
In addition, FRAPA recently increased its collaboration with the United Nations agency World Intellectual Property Organization, thereby improving its mediation services.
7) Michel Rodrigue, Founding Member, FRAPA, and CEO, Distraction Formats, interviewed by Jean Chalaby, 11 July 2008.
Additionally, DISCOPRO 2010 will present a format session run by FRAPA, the format companies association, and featuring contributions from Grundy Light Entertainment, FremantleMedia, Absolutely Independent and Armoza Formats.
FRAPA, which represents about 100 companies from around the globe, did not directly approach ABC with a formal reprimand.
To protect the sector, an association called FRAPA has been formed, but it is not considered to be adequately effective.
The association that fights to protect format rights, FRAPA, announced a major breakthrough: German writer Mare Heinkelein has provided a definition of formats that will make FRAPA's work a lot easier.
About a year ago, Pearson's David Lyle, Rodrigue and other format experts founded the Format Recognition and Protection Association, or FRAPA, with headquarters in Monte-Carlo.