FRAQFédération de la Relève Agricole du Québec (French: Quebec Federation of Agricultural Polling; Quebec, Canada)
FRAQFixed Resource Allocation with Queue Capability
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The objective of this study was twofold: (1) to examine the knowledge of the risk factors for falling within a group of community-dwelling participants with PD using the Falls Risk Awareness Questionnaire (FRAQ) and (2) to examine the associations between participant characteristics and awareness of the risk factors for falling.
The FRAQ was developed by Wiens, Koleba, Jones, and Feeny (2006) to assess the knowledge and perception of risk factors for falling.
Established risk factors for falls included in the FRAQ consisted of impaired neuromuscular function, muscle weakness, impaired balance, vestibular pathophysiology, impaired proprioception, abnormalities of the feet, dementia and impaired cognition, acute illness, advanced age, female gender, stroke, and fear of falling (Cumming, 1998; Grisso et al., 1991; O'Loughlin, Robitaille, Boivin, & Suissa, 1993; Tinetti et al., 1994; Tinetti, Speechley, & Ginter, 1988; Tinetti & Williams, 1998).
** No funding may be made available for assistance for the Government of Ukraine unless the Secretary of State determines and certifies to the Committees on Appropriations that, since 30 September 2000, the Government of Ukraine has not facilitated or engaged in arms sales or transfers to fraq.
Sometime later Khomeini went to fraq where he continued disseminating his anti-Shah propaganda.
Those who spoke on the occasion included spokesman of the government of Gilgit Baltistan Faiz Ullah Fraq, DG UMT Abid Sherwani, Dr.
Those spoke on this occasion included Sikander Brohi Director PDI, Khuda dad Wajo, K.B Fraq, Lal Jan Baloch, Dr.