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FRAXEFragile Site, Folic Acid Type, Rare, Fra (X)
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An expansion of >200 GCC repeats in the FMR-2 gene at Xq28 has been shown to cause FRAXE syndrome (OMIM #309548), a rare condition associated with a mild form of ID.
The present study confirms the rarity of FRAXE syndrome in SA, consistent with reports from other studies.
However, FRAXE syndrome was not shown to contribute significantly to ID in the SA population and has therefore not been incorporated into the routine diagnostic testing.
FRAXE expansion is not a common etiological factor among developmentally delayed males.
A candidate gene for mild mental handicap at the FRAXE fragile site.
Identification of the FRAXE fragile site in two families ascertained for X linked mental retardation.