FRAeSFellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society (UK)
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We twa hae paidl't i' the burn, Frae mornin' sun til dine:* But seas between us braid hae roar'd, Sin auld lang syne.
In one of Burns's own poems, The Cotter's Saturday Night, we get some idea of the simple home life these kindly God- fearing peasants led-- "November chill blaws loud wi' angry sugh;* The short'ning winter-day is near a close; The miry bests retreating frae the pleugh; The black'ning trains o' craws to their repose; The toil-worn Cotter Frae his labour goes, This night his weekly moil is at an end, Collects his spades, his mattocks, and his hoes, Hoping the morn in ease and rest to spend, And weary, o'er the moor, his course does hameward bend.
It's no canny to run frae London to the Black Sea wi' a wind ahint ye, as though the Deil himself were blawin' on yer sail for his ain purpose.
Some o' them, the Roumanians, came and asked me to heave overboard a big box which had been put on board by a queer lookin' old man just before we had started frae London.
Keep a secret if ye can frae the pawky ears o' yer domestics in the servants' hall!--Eh!
ACM Sir John Cheshire KBE, CB, FRAeS, chairman, Royal Air Force Charitable Trust
Lightning up; the career of Air Vice-Marshal Alan White CB AFC FRAeS RAF (Retd).
The 750,000 [pounds sterling] (US$1.1million) centre was launched with a formal opening ceremony, which included a welcome speech by Master of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators, Air Commodore Rick Peacock-Edwards CBE AFC FRAes FCIM.
Perhaps he's holding out for a B&Q or MFI to be added to the initials GCB AFC ADC DSc FRAeS FCMI RAF after his name.
Air Marshal Philip Sturley CB MBE BSc FRAeS, president RAF Association (RAFA)..
Professor Chris Atkin CEng FRAes (above) is to be the next Chairman of the Engineering Council.