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FRBFederal Reserve Board (Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve System)
FRBFederal Reserve Bank
FRBFractional Reserve Banking
FRBFatality Review Board (various locations)
FRBFast Radio Burst
FRBFixed Rate Bond (finance)
FRBForth Road Bridge (UK)
FRBFondation Roi Baudouin (Dutch: King Baudouin Foundation; est. 1976; Belgium)
FRBFault Resilient Booting
FRBFloating Point Rename Buffer
FRBFondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité (Fench: Foundation for Biodiversity Research)
FRBFailure Review Board
FRBFree Radio Berkeley
FRBFast Rescue Boat
FRBFloating Rate Bond
FRBFlat Rate Box (USPS)
FRBFamily-Related Bonus
FRBFood Resource Bank
FRBFault Resilient Boot
FRBFunctional Requirements Board
FRBFaulty Row Block
FRBFunctional Requirements Baseline
FRBForward Routing Bit
FRBFeng-Rao Bound
FRBFerric iron Reducing Bacteria
FRBForce Requirements Branch (US Army)
FRBFiberglass Rotor Blade
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This conclusion was derived on the basis of two separate observations of FRB 121102, one made by the Breakthrough Listen team at University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley), which used the Robert C.
One of the possible explanations for such hugely magnetized field is that FRB 121102 is located in the proximity of a black hole.
The source of FRB 121102 and its environment are unique, indicating "a new type of object not seen previously," said the report.
Then again, known magnetars also produce powerful bursts of X-rays and gamma rays, which have not (yet) been observed in the case of FRB 121102.
Neither side wished to comment on the settlement other than from a joint statement in which JCR said positions for any new betting area would be selected as the FRB wanted, that no existing or new NBA would be closed and that JCR would not introduce new pool betting facilities in the immediate proximity of existing or new betting areas.
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act empowers the FRB to impose capital standards on insurance SIFIs and IDIHCs while permitting the FRB to "tailor" such standards for the insurance characteristics of their operations.
Due to the importance that the FRB places on international standards, the FRB's AML experts participate regularly in the U.
Section 11 summarizes the links between heighted FRB oversight and TBTF investor expectations.
The arrangement of experimental diets based on corn-soybean was as follows: 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% level of FRB (Table 1) and the formulation of diets based on an equal amount of energy and protein (NRC, 1994).
But the FRB chief gets pension benefits as far as I know," said a spokesman.
Positive rating pressure is possible if FRB significantly improves its
HUD and the FRB could not agree on simplification that was within their regulatory authority, and rather than producing the single disclosure, they submitted joint recommendations to Congress calling for legislative changes prior to simplification of the forms.