FRBAFacultad Regional Buenos Aires (Spanish: Buenos Aires Regional Faculty; National Technological University)
FRBAFlorida Rural Broadband Alliance
FRBAFrio River Baptist Association (Texas)
FRBAFederal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
FRBAFlemington-Raritan Business Association (New Jersey)
FRBAFlat River Baptist Association (Oxford, North Carolina)
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The NFBA and FRBA needs assessment surveys measured both advertised speed and at-the-workstation speed.
The same discrepancies were true for FRBA CAIs, with 32.
Again, this discrepancy appears at FRBA CAIs as well: 63.
0%) of CAIs in NFBA and FRBA reported that their Internet connections met staff needs all or most of the time, roughly one-fifth (22.
In addition to measures of broadband and availability, a key finding from the NFBA and FRBA studies was the need to identify and measure enablers and barriers to broadband adoption.
The FRBA and NFBA on-site diagnostics and focus groups were especially informative about the extent to which a particular CAI was ready to better exploit high-speed broadband.
From the FRBA and NFBA findings discussed above, the Institute developed two broad approaches for measuring broadband readiness, deployment, adoption, use, and outcomes at the community level.
I left the FRBA to join Pittsburgh National Bank, predecessor to PNC, in May 1980.
This is the Fed's worst nightmare, as it was back in my days at the FRBA in the mid-to-late 1970s.
The agreement provides us a partner that brings not only network operations expertise, but a partner who has a long history of delivering broadband services to rural and under-served markets, said Gina Reynolds, President/CEO of FHREDI and co-manager of FRBA.