FRBBFederal Reserve Bank of Boston
FRBBFédération Royale Belge de Billard (French: Royal Belgian Billiard Federation; Belgium)
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Along with new cards for every Sailor, the transition to FRBB and PNC will also enable access to thousands of additional ATMs across the globe, where deployed Sailors need them most.
If partnerships were formed between the FRBB and other governmental and non-governmental banking organizations, some of the risk involved with allowing our foreign partners to participate in the ECC program could be alleviated.
If the ECC training program were expanded to include non-finance personnel, these individuals would be qualified to send the sales data to FRBB from the vendors daily, rather than Financial Management Support Teams (FMST) making monthly visits.
La asignatura Fuentes No Convencionales de la Energia (hoy denominada "Fuentes Alternativas de Energia") es una asignatura electiva del quinto ano de la Carrera Ingenieria Electricista de la UTN FRBB. Su contenido mayoritario consiste en la descripcion y el calculo de sistemas eolicos e implementaciones fotovoltaicas, con una introduccion descriptiva de otros sistemas que utilizan recursos renovables para generacion de energia electrica (Castro et al., 1994; Colmenar et al., 2004).
The only difference Sailors may notice is the new artwork and that the new cards are issued by FRBB and PNC Bank representing Navy's transition to a new treasury agent.
FRBB will take over JPMC's role as the Treasury's operations manager for Navy Cash[R].