FRBRFunctional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
FRBRFederal Reserve Bank of Richmond (various locations)
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But don't worry just yet, because with this book cataloging guru and author Robert Maxwell is here to help us understand what FRBR is and how it works.
FRBR proposed a four-tier structure for cataloging, distinguishing between the work, the expression, the manifestation, and the item.
Los URIs opacos han sido adoptados para los modelos FRBR, para las ISBD y las RDA, ademas, se adaptan a la evolucion de los terminos y facilitan la incorporacion de los datos a los sistemas (Van Hooland y Verborgh, 2014).
El nuevo estandar de catalogacion, Recursos, Descripcion y Acceso (RDA), basado en FRBR y FRAD, comenzo a aplicarse en los paises anglosajones en 2013 y tambien ha sido adoptado por algunas bibliotecas europeas.
The individual diffusion indices calculated by the ISM are based on questions that are very similar to those included in the FRBR survey.
Coyle, a librarian, examines how the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) bibliographic model treats bibliographic description and how it reflects technology and the goals of libraries.
In "FRBR, Before and After: A Look at Our Bibliographic Models" she persuasively argues that to more effectively connect library users with books, movies, music, computer games, and other resources, library data needs to move beyond FRBR towards a more integrative approach to bibliographic models.
FrbrVis: An information visualization approach to presenting FRBR work families Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, Springer.
One major difference between RDA and its predecessor is that AACR2 arranges materials by format type while RDA arranges them according to the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions' "Functional Requirement for Bibliographic Records" (FRBR).
(2010) studied the concept of identifier with an ontological approach and from the viewpoint of the FRBR conceptual framework.
An overview of FRBR (Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records) and how these are applied in RDA to cartographic resources is covered.
In 1998, IFLA was developing FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records).