FRBSFuzzy Rule-Based System
FRBSFrame Relaying Bearer Service (telecommunications)
FRBSFederal Reserve Bank System (US)
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So, if FRBs are not created by one-off cataclysmic events, what gives rise to these enigmatic signals?
For nearly a decade now, Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) - intense bursts of radio emission lasting mere milliseconds - have puzzled scientists.
Recently, a team of scientists came across a new batch of FRBs while using the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME).
What makes it even more difficult is that there seem to be two types of FRBs - bursts that happen just once, and bursts that repeat many times from the same spot in space.
Combined with previous detections, there are already 10 FRBs on record.
All the classification models were induced in R platform, with the RF, kernlab, RSNNS, and FRBS packages for RF, SVM, artificial neural network, and FRBS techniques, respectively.
The new discovery reported in the journal Nature was made by a Canadian-led team of astronomers on the hunt for FRBs.
In 2017, Prof Loeb and Harvard colleague Manasvi Lingham proposed that FRBs could be leakage from planetsized alien transmitters.
* Scientists say they picked up as many as 13 FRBs in a three-week window.
"FRBs, it seems, are likely generated in dense, turbulent regions of host galaxies," Shriharsh Tendulkar, a corresponding author for both studies and an astronomer at McGill University, told AFP.
In machine learning and computational intelligence, the most common algorithms for the development of data-driven models are Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems (FRBS), and Genetic Algorithms (GA).
The paper is organized as follows: Section 2 contains the basic notions of fuzzy number and F-transform and in Section 3 we introduce the extended iF-transform method which in Section 4 is applied to a Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems (FRBS).