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FRCFIRST Robotics Competition
FRCFamily Research Council (Washington DC Advocacy Group)
FRCFinancial Reporting Council (UK)
FRCFamily Resource Center
FRCFunctional Residual Capacity (pulmonary function)
FRCFédération Romande des Consommateurs (French: Romande Consumer Federation; Switzerland)
FRCFederal Resource Center
FRCFrame Rate Converter (video)
FRCFeather River College (Quincy, CA)
FRCFédération pour la Recherche sur le Cerveau (French: Brain Research Federation)
FRCFrame Rate Control
FRCFull Rate Channel
FRCFrame Rate Code
FRCFirewall Reporting Center
FRCFunctional Redundancy Checking
FRCFriendly Rate Control
FRCFrame Rate Converter
FRCFiscal Responsibility Commission (Nigeria)
FRCFleet Readiness Center (NAVAIR)
FRCFast Response Cutter (boat: US Coast Guard)
FRCFederal Records Center
FRCFrench Red Cross
FRCField Reversed Configuration
FRCField Robotics Center
FRCFederal Radio Commission
FRCFlight Research Center
FRCFédération Régionale des Chasseurs (French: Regional Federation of Hunters)
FRCFamily Records Centre (UK)
FRCFiber Reinforced Composite
FRCFinancial Research Corp. (Boston, MA)
FRCFull Retail Contestability (Australia)
FRCFinancial Reconstruction Commission (Japan)
FRCFull Retail Competition
FRCFinnish Red Cross
FRCFederal Resource Coordinator (US FEMA)
FRCFamily Resiliency Center (various organizations)
FRCForward Rate Curve (interest)
FRCFederal Radiation Council
FRCFrankford Radio Club
FRCFlame Retardant Clothing (body protection)
FRCFarriers Registration Council (UK)
FRCFatah Revolutionary Council (Abu Nidal Organization)
FRCFuel Recovery Charge (fee)
FRCFederal Regional Center
FRCFamily Rehabilitation Centre
FRCFlorida Research Consortium (Tallahassee, FL)
FRCFaculty Recruitment Conference (Association of American Law Schools)
FRCFitness Recreation Center (various locations)
FRCFixed Roof Coupe (Chevrolet Corvette)
FRCFacility Responsible Centre
FRCFrequency Response Curve
FRCForce Reconnaissance Company
FRCForest Resources and Conservation
FRCFront Range Consulting (Colorado)
FRCFast Response Craft (offshore production and exploration)
FRCFalse Roman Cancel (gaming)
FRCFort Richmond Collegiate
FRCFunding Review Committee (Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency)
FRCFixed Rate Credit
FRCForza Racing Club (est. 2007)
FRCFathers Raising Children
FRCFlagg Ranch Company (Wyoming)
FRCFinal Reproducible Copy
FRCFull Route Clearance
FRCFirst Robotics Canada
FRCFederal Response Center
FRCFeasibility Review Conference (USACE)
FRCFranklin Residential College (University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia)
FRCFuel Rail Cover (automobiles)
FRCFree Range Chicken
FRCFraunhofer Resource Center (Michigan)
FRCFranchise Relations Committee
FRCFamily Registration Certificate (Pakistan and Sri Lanka)
FRCFull Rate Codec
FRCFichier des Recherches Criminelles (French: Criminal Investigation File)
FRCFederal Retirement Calculator
FRCFacility Review Committee
FRCFoul Release Coatings (marine paint)
FRCFisher Registration Card (Asia, Pacific)
FRCFort Richmond Centurions
FRCFleet Response Concept
FRCFlexible Ribbon Cable
FRCFixed Replacement Cache
FRCFunctional Requirements Committee
FRCFamily Relationship Code (US Navy supply)
FRCFast Reiterative Censoring (method)
FRCFrame Redundancy Check (Cisco)
FRCFailure Rate of Components
FRCFraternity of the Rosy Cross (or Frater de Rosa et Crucis)
FRCFunding Resource Code
FRCFuselage Responsibility Center (aviation)
FRCFranca, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Airport Code)
FRCFrame Relay Capabilities
FRCFukuoka REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) Corporation (Japan)
FRCFleet Readiness Command
FRCFraction of Residential Power supplied by Coal (Carolina Environmental Program)
FRCFederal Reserve Council
FRCFrench Riviera Club
FRCFranconia Mennonite Conference
FRCFinancial Responsibility Centre (Canada)
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Hannah Laming, partner at law firm Peters & Peters, said: "Enhanced financial penalties, combined with a lower threshold for demonstrating misconduct on the part of audit firms, will give the FRC greater credibility to pursue its objective of driving improvement in corporate governance and audit standards.
Data about how effective FRC Group is at producing social change is as important as information about our performance as a business.
Next meeting on FRC is scheduled within a week in the best interest of tribal people.
standards setter, the FRC influences the work of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) by responding to IASB consultation documents.
PwC, one of the world's "Big Four" accounting firms, said it had cooperated fully with the FRC and was pleased the investigation was now closed.
The teams worked seamlessly to prepare and deliver every aspect of the change from training, testing to ensure the systems worked, to making sure that the job touch point changes from FRC to DLA employees were effectively completed.
The FRC also warned of the impact of Israeli settlement activities in the West Bank and Jerusalem on the situation in the region as a whole.
The controversial black card proposal is likely to be defeated in Derry today but Gavin predicts a number of the other FRC proposals will get the green light and will benefit Gaelic Football.
The AFA's Bryan Fischer heaped blame on the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights organization that immediately denounced the shooting and rejected all violence, and since 2010 has listed the FRC as a hate group because of its persistent and malicious lies about LGBT people.
According to the FRC, a number of factors now need careful consideration If a "balanced and Understandable" assessment of a company's position is to be fully laid out in reports.
Thirteen of the 18 anti-gay organizations were designated hate groups, and the FRC was on the list.