FRCBFleet Readiness Certification Board (systems and software approval)
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That is, JBMR-RSPC and JBMR-PRPC always outperform SAF and MMSE relaying in sum rate performance, and they provide comparable sum rate performances to that of FRCB. More specifically, JBMR-PRPC outperform MMSE relaying in sum rate by about 52.01% and 50.2%, respectively, in the (2,3) network with L = 3 and the (2,4) network with L = 4 when SNR = 30 dB.
Thus, joint processing of BS and relay can be considered as a single giant node with some minor constraints, which makes it possible for JBMR to achieve performance close to that of FRCB.
The numerical results showed that the proposed design provided very good performance close to the FRCB while outperforming the conventional MMSE relaying schemes in terms of both SMSE and sum rate.