FRDFFaculty Research Development Fund (New Zealand)
FRDFFinnish Rapid Deployment Force
FRDFFacility Reference Data File (US DoT/FAA)
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Interest in participation in the project of integrated development of the international airport Khabarovsk (Novy) is shown by a number of foreign investors with which the RFPI and the FRDF already interact.
"The investments of FRDF and Vnesheconombank in the first stage of the complex reconstruction of the most important Far Eastern air hub allowed not only to launch the construction, but also became a powerful magnet for foreign capital.
officials, in presenting the launch of FRDF, indicate they are actively supporting the effort to defend retailers when faced with litigation seeking to regulate the industry.
FRDF accepts donations through collection efforts by participating distributors to help independent firearms retailers defray legal expenses they may incur to defend unfair lawsuits filed by municipalities, politicians and anti-gun organizations.
"Firearms retailers should not feel alone when a plaintiff strikes, and FRDF is just one of the resources that will help protect them," said Christopher Chiafullo, a firearms industry attorney and chairman of the FRDF board of directors.
From this moment, the creation of large-scale instruments for attracting investments to the Far Eastern Federal District began: the territory of advanced development (TOR), the free port of Vladivostok (SPV), and the Far East Development Fund (FRDF).