FRDMFinite Range Droplet Model
FRDMFédération Régionale de Danse de Martinique (French: Martinique Regional Dance Federation; Martinique)
FRDMFast Retrieval and Data Manipulator
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A block diagram of the testing setup; it describes the path from the kinetic energy transducer to the load represented by the evaluation MCU board (FRDM KL52Z).
With FRDM, Tradeshift users can trace and monitor social risks at every level of their supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods.
FRDM is a supply chain risk analysis and monitoring platform designed to monitor Environmental, Social, and Governance risks within supply chains.
For the sake of completeness, experimental mass excesses and the ones of the FRDM model (see [18]) are also given.
4: Theoretical binding energies and mass excesses of the present approach compared to the experimental mass excesses and the ones given by the FRDM model of [18].
The Freescale FRDM?FXS?9AXIS Freedom Development Platform available from Mouser Electronics allows developers to program and evaluate two of Freescale's advanced digital sensor chips.