FRDSFederal Reporting Data System
FRDSFast Remote Data Synchronization
FRDSFederatia Romana de Dans Sportiv (Romanian: Romanian Dance Sport Federation)
FRDSFuture Ready Dairy Systems (Australia)
FRDSFords (street type)
FRDSFederal Reporting Data System (EPA)
FRDSFriends of Rural Development Society
FRDSFire Retardant Dispersal System
FRDSFailure Resistant Disk System
FRDSFondului Român de Dezvoltare Socialä (Romania)
FRDSForest Row Dramatic Society (East Sussex, UK)
FRDSFast Remote Data Synchronization (computing)
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Uretilen agaclarin cap ve hacim siniflarina gore deger kazanci (%) Classes N Mean Minimum Maximum Small Diameter 5 15.32 4.01 25.35 Medium Diameter 3 15.84 10.39 20.84 Large Diameter 22 13.96 5.37 21.13 Low Volume 5 15.32 4.01 25.35 Average Volume 8 17.20 10.39 21.13 High Volume 17 12.76 5.37 21.13 Table 4 The economic value gain of using optimum bucking method in specified FRDs Tablo 4.
The study area was selected from Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis) stands located in Yaglidere Forest Enterprise Chief Unit (FECU) of Espiye Forest Enterprise Directorate (FED) in Giresun Forest Regional Directorate (FRD).
The 50-tonne FRDS is based on ODIM's deepwater technology ODIM CTCU.
Subsea 7 has been using the FRDS on the Independence HUB field in the Gulf of Mexico.
FRDs come in three configurations: Single belt, chest harness, and full-body harness.
The NBEF says that, in 80 percent of treestand accidents the hunter is not using a fall restraint device (FRD).
EPA (1991a), FRDS: Federal Reporting Data System, Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, Washington, D.C.
Tenders are invited for ULF & FRDS, Mannuthy, Concreting of paddock and Demolition of the existing boundary wall in buffalo shed (Retender) (4/2016)
Tenders are invited for kvasu - ulf and frds, mannuthy- civil works- modification of existing sick animal shed and laying of strong floor tiles in the milk collection area of milking shed
Rope maker Cortland will incorporate the high-performance fibre into its BOB 12x12 fibre rope, which will be used for the project as part of Rolls-Royce's Fiber Rope Development System (FRDS).
The deepwater lifting system is a Fibre Rope Deployment System (FRDS), based on our patented Cable Traction Control Unit (CTCU) technology.
The Commission will procure Services on a "call-off basis, with each delivery initiated through a Formal Request for Delivery (FRD) mechanism.