FREDDFédération de Recherche en Environnement pour le Développement Durable (French: Federation of Environmental Research for Sustainable Development)
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Fredd Campus at Shelton State, is still awaiting sentencing.
Fredd Wayne performs THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1572704950, $27.95), an unabridged dramatic account spiced with reader Wayne's background in stage and film productions.
Smithson acquired the stake recently from the other co-founder, Chris Fredd, owner of Enterprise Marking Products of Westfield, IN.
"The burning temperatures and the time of the waste in the burning zone--which is typically about five or six seconds--totally destroys all the organics, so there are none going out the stack," says Ralph Fredd, sales representative fro MFR.
Etymologist Fredd Culbertson has catalogued about 530 on his Phobia List website (, each of which has been mentioned in a reference book or medical paper.
They included everyone from Hylda Baker to Bob and Alf Pearson, the Sherry brothers, Tessie O'Shea, Vic Oliver, Max and Harry Nesbitt, Gertie Gitana, Fredd ie Frinton, Troise and his Mandoliers and many more.
One is Anne Fredd, a Chicago attorney she has known for 20 years.