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FREDDIE MACFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
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Stable Loss Expectations: Fitch's unenhanced ratings are based on an analysis of the underlying collateral pool and do not give any credit to the Freddie Mac guarantee.
"Greystone's depth of knowledge in the Brooklyn real estate market and experience with Freddie Mac's Small Balance Loan platform generated a very positive result for our client, Greystone and our partner Freddie Mac," said Cristi.
Volume growth could slow to 3 percent if the average 10-Year Treasury rate rises more abruptly, Freddie Mac predicts.
'Freddie Mac is pleased to team up with Lenders One and help its members reach more eligible borrowers, achieve new efficiencies in the origination process and build strong, competitive businesses,' said Chris Boyle, senior vice president of Single Family Sales and Relationship Management at Freddie Mac.
Freddie Mac launched its small balance loan offering in October 2014 to purchase and securitize small property loans of USD1 to USD5 million and with at least five apartment units.
"On October 25, 2013, Freddie Mac entered into an agreement with JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association ("Chase") under which Freddie Mac will, subject to specified limitations and exclusions, release Chase from certain existing and future loan repurchase obligations relating to approximately 1.8 million loans purchased by Freddie Mac between 2000 and 2008, as well as certain other obligations.
MGIC had sold Freddie Mac a pool of policies, the valuation of which became a bone of contention.
Gingrich, when asked in a November 9 GNBC presidential debate how he earned some $300,000 in consulting fees with Freddie Mac, said his role was to offer advice as an "historian." On that occasion, Gingrich denied acting as a lobbyist and claimed he advised the mortgage giant to end their practice of guaranteeing sub-prime mortgages.
The death is the latest blow to Freddie Mac, a government controlled company that owns or guarantees about 13 million home loans.
"This transaction demonstrates how Freddie Mac continues to provide much-needed liquidity to the multifamily mortgage market," said May.
Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are US government "sponsored" home loan banks.