FREDSFlexible Regional Emissions Data System
FREDSFederal Regional Emissions Data System
FREDSFlight Readiness Evaluation Data System
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References in classic literature ?
Fred's door again, Pritchard, and tell him it has struck half-past ten."
"Mamma," said Rosamond, "when Fred comes down I wish you would not let him have red herrings.
You are always finding fault with Bob because he is not Fred."
The great Fred may have seen us approaching, but we probably interested him very little, for he took hardly any notice of us and continued to be stirring with his cane something which we could not see.
"Monsieur Fred, these neat footprints seem to have been made since the discovery of the crime."
"Yes, young man, yes, they have been carefully made," replied Fred without raising his head.
'Fred,' said Mr Swiveller, 'remember the once popular melody of Begone dull care; fan the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine.'
'Fred!' said Mr Swiveller, finding that his former adjuration had been productive of no effect.
'I'll give you, Fred,' said his friend, stirring the mixture, 'a little sentiment appropriate to the occasion.
Kate is older than you, Fred and Frank (twins) about my age, and a little girl (Grace), who is nine or ten.
Brooke and Ned the other, while Fred Vaughn, the riotous twin, did his best to upset both by paddling about in a wherry like a disturbed water bug.
Sallie Gardiner was absorbed in keeping her white pique dress clean and chattering with the ubiquitous Fred, who kept Beth in constant terror by his pranks.