FREESTARFast Reaction Experiments Enabling Science, Technology, Applications and Research (NASA)
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Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), a United States-based automaker, is recalling around 196,500 units of the Freestar and Monterey minivans in the United States, Reuters has reported.
First Financial Corp said in a press release that the transaction was wrapped up on 30 December and Freestar had been merged with its wholly owned subsidiary First Financial Bank.
Terre Haute, Indiana-based First Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: THFF) has said that it has completed its acquisition of 100 percent of the stock of Pontiac, Illinois-based Freestar Bank, NA, and merged Freestar Bank into First Financial Bank, the wholly-owned subsidiary of First Financial.
Conversions are available on the Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, Ford Windstar, Ford Freestar, Chevy-Venture, Pontiac Montana, and Toyota Sienna.
The 127 new vans include 61 Ford Super Duty Econoline, 12-passenger vans and 66 Ford Freestar, 7-passenger vans.
The instrument panel and pillar covers in Ford Motor Co.'s 2005 Freestar minivan utilize two new TPOs that are said to perform better than previous materials.
For example, the 2004 Ford F-150 truck and Ford Freestar (formerly the WindStar) minivan were redesigned, but the dangerous rocker switches remain; they were merely made smaller.
Over the years, Ford has produced minivans it has called Aerostar, Windstar, and Freestar; none of those names has mattered as much as confidence in the Ford brand itself.
This model year, FORD FREESTAR (above) is featuring major upgrades on all fronts.
The latter, called Fast Reaction Experiments Enabling Science, Technology, Applications and Research (FREESTAR), included the Mediterranean Israeli Dust Experiment which involved observations of Israel from space.
Data were acquired from a minimum of 100 000 cells and analyzed using the FlowJo program (FreeStar, Ashland, OR, USA).