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Actuellement, Mejri Bassem est la Fois Entrepreneur (Promocours et Fregate Edition), Professeur en Business School EBS (European Business School) dans le 15e Paris et enseigne les Mathematiques pour aider les collegiens et Lyceens a s'impliquer davantage dans leurs reussites scolaires.
Louis Antoine de Bougainville, "Developement de la route des vaisseaux du roi la Boudeuse et l'Etoile autour du monde", Voyage autour du monde par la fregate du roi "la Boudeuse " et la flute "l'Etoile "; en 1766, 1767, 1768 & 1769, Saillant et Nyon, Paris, 1771.
Material examined: SEYCHELLES: Fregate Island: 1[male] 4[degrees]35'04.44"S 55[degrees]56'44.68"E, 8 m, wandering on sandy substrate, 1LL2011, G.
Summary: The award-winning Fregate Island Private resort is a Monaco-sized slice of paradise in the Seychelles.
Endangered Seychelles Warbler translocated to Fregate Island Private Frgate Island is now home to the Seychelles Warbler (Acrocephalus sechellensis) [ETH] the 100th bird on their list.
To name a few, Bill Gates was on Fregate Island, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills were on Cousin, and Angelina Jolie was on North Island with Brad Pitt.
Swapping city slicker chic for country elegance, we settled into the Dolce Fregate hotel, 90 minutes drive from Nice and nestled beside a beautiful hilltop vineyard between the seaside towns of St-Cyr-Sur-Mer and Bandol.
So, too, is the fact that the artists' 2007-2008 trilogy of films set in therapeutic institutions--beginning with Ten Weyngaert, continuing in Der Schlamm von Branst (The Clay from Branst), 2008, and concluding with Het Fregate (The Frigate), 2008--made their elliptical vision more pointed, while cloaking it in increasingly cinematic production values.
There are "destination spas", each of which is different, like the Fregate Island spa, which grows its own products' ingredients.